Survey Assistance

Our approach to survey preparedness is to reach and maintain survey compliance at all times.  We understand that circumstances at times will deviate from this concept.  Our Consultants are trained in Federal and State Regulations, and are able to assess your situation and provide appropriate solutions to your situation.  We can also complete a pre-survey audit, promoting a proactive approach to survey compliance.

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Take advantage of ANM before your “survey window” opens. The ANM nutrition and dietary consultants offer a unique perspective on day-to-day operations. We review, as well as enhance, current nutrition, dining, food service, and sanitation practices.

The goal: Substantial compliance for the initial survey. Eliminate the stress and fees associated with a re-survey. Our team of experts can help you with the following:

  1. Quality Assessment of Clinical Nutrition Documentation.
  2. Sanitation Review.
  3. Review of Policies & Procedure including – Enteral Nutrition, Menu Development, Hydration, Nutrition Risk Tracking,  and Outside Food Served to Residents.
  4. Review of Water Management Plan for Legionella.

Turn Around

Despite best efforts, regulatory survey compliance can be an issue. The depth of ANM knowledge, experience and staffing offers a rapid and aggressive solution to minimize the date certain timeline and CMP’s.

Contact ANM today to address the immediate issues and implement long-term solutions.